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  1.    Browse to the installed rotator folder and use login.php link to login to URL Rotator control panel. For ex:-
  2.    Enter the username and password you set at the time of installation.

Create a New Profile

  1.    In order to create a new rotation profile,first choose the type of pages you want to rotate i.e landing page or offer / thankyou pages and then enter number of total URLs you want to rotate and click 'Go'
  2.    Enter the URLs to be rotated and their respective serving share in percent. Sum of all shares should be 100.
  3.    The inbuilt URL checker code tries to check if the URL you entered is valid. This is to avoid any mistake which can cause loss to campaign. If the URL entered is valid then a green checkbox would be displayed,              otherwise a warning message would be shown. Please note that it is just a warning message and if you are sure that entered URL is correct then you can ignore it.
  4.    You can also specify predefined variables here, if there value is already set. For ex ?kw=test&sid=1234. Note that value of 'kw' is set to test and 'sid' to 1234. But if values of these variables are set dynamically, i.e by          your traffic source depending upon keyword and sid, then don't specify them here. You can add them to the main rotation URL, which will be given later, and those variables will be appended automatically to each               rotation URL.
  5.    Enter a name for this profile for later viewing or editing and click on 'Save'
  6.    A link would be generated for you to use with your traffic source. Here you can append any variables as discussed in step 5. All those appended variables will be passed on to all the URLs automatically.

Please note - If you have chosen to create an offer or thankyou page rotation profile then make sure that you specify full link to your offer pages. For ex,




thankyouPage1.php thankyouPage2.php ..... etc

View/Edit Profile

  1.    All the created profiles along with creation date/time and total visits would be shown in a table.
  2.    Click on the magnifier icon to view or edit URL or share values. The main link for that rotation profile would be shown at the top.
  3.    When done, click on save to update the rotation profile.
  4.    The rotation profile main link would remain same but it would be shown again after you click on 'Save'.


When you no longer want to view,edit or create a new rotation profile, click on logout.

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