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I am unable to install the URL rotator

You would need to create a database. Also please make sure that you specify correct values in config.php. If you're not sure how create a database or what is to be specified for server, database, username or password, you can contact your hosting service provider about it.

How to install the URL Rotator?

Please refer here:- http://www.atomtrack.com/wiki/index.php/URL_Rotator_Installation

I want to test different offer pages with a single landing page.

Yes, you can do so by using the using the URL rotator. Make sure that you select offer page option when you're creating a rotation profile. This makes multiple path split testing possible. The rotator would automatically rotate offer pages for a given landing page.

What if I have a single landing page which directly links to my affiliate link and I want to split test different affiliate links with the same landing page?

Please start by opting for offer page rotation profile and enter all your affiliate links in the respective text fields and assign share%.

Please refer to this screencast - http://www.atomtrack.com/wiki/index.php/How_to_rotate_affiliate_offers_and_links%3F

Where can I find more information about this URL Rotator?

Please refer to:- http://www.atomtrack.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

How do I create a new rotation profile?

Please refer to:- http://www.atomtrack.com/wiki/index.php/URL_Rotator_Usage

Where can I get technical help ?

If you need any further support, please visit:- http://www.atomtrack.com/support/  or http://www.atomtrack.com/forum/

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